Mark speaks to the concert on 15th October, 2023 in Bedfordshire.

Many thanks to all those who took part in the Brass Band Workshop & Concert on Sunday 15th October 2023. We must extend our thanks to our professional musician and director – Jonathan Lockwood (Band of HM Welsh Guards) whose relaxed and stress free style helped to produce a group of individuals into a fully functioning, great sounding band.

We must also extend our most grateful thanks to Drummer and Music Teacher Dave Probert for standing in on the drums at literally the last minute, Mike Pitt on Bb Bass from Epping, also Louis Sherry, Geoff & Jackie Pratt for boosting the numbers after a couple of players couldn’t make it due to Covid.

Our soloists and guests really made the night an entertaining variety show – Our host Guy Ingle as King Charles, Nick Dadd of the “Nick Dadd Retro Roadshow” for his amazing vocals, Gary Wood, our trumpet soloist, and Roger Butler – AKA “Chucklefoot” for remembering at least some of the words!

Also, we must give our thanks to the wonderful Luan Hall – without whom nothing would have got done or been in place, and Betty Brown for the delicious rehearsal lunch.

It is a shame that the hall was not fuller, but the end goal was to get instruments for local children and we have achieved that, so for those who supported it, put an advert in the programme, donated, bought raffle tickets, attended the workshop, put posters up in the local area – THANK YOU ALL!

Please, if you can, use the companies that so generously advertised in the programme, or supported us in other ways: